My Failed Attempt at Scripting to Manifest and What I’d Do Today

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I had come across the process of scripting years ago. I probably read in a book or watched a YouTube video about it.

I’ve journaled off and on over the years as a way to get my thoughts and feelings out. Therefore, I understand the therapeutic benefits of writing.

Scripting couldn’t be that much different so I was willing to give it a try. Several years ago I got out my journal and I began writing about a car that I wanted to manifest.

It was around the time that I manifested a BMW (not my own) story that I wrote about.

I really wanted a white two-door BMW so I figured, why not give scripting a try and go from there.

It didn’t manifest and I’m not saying scripting doesn’t work. Looking back, I have a better understanding of why it didn’t work for me—at the time.

My Failed Process of Scripting

writing in a journal

The process started off really well. I was excited about scripting out my dream car. From what I read and watched about scripting, all that I had to do was write out what I wanted to happen.

I remember being very detailed about it. I wrote about how my mom and I went to the BMW dealership and I picked out the exact model that I wanted.

I went into detail about the salesperson having us take the car for a test drive and then heading back to the dealership to start the paperwork.

Everything was going smoothly. Then I went into detail about pulling up my current car next to my new BMW and transferring my belongings from my old vehicle to my new one.

Finally, I wrote about what an awesome feeling it was to drive the new car home. How I was going to keep it clean at all times, so on and etc.

“Yeah! This story is fun!”, I thought. Except for one thing.

My Scripting Story Failed Because of My Strong Resistance

I deal with resistance all the time when I’m manifesting. This is particularly the case when it has to do with large purchases and money.

It wasn’t the story that failed. I feel I did a good job with feeling good about it and how I imagined it would all happen.

My problem was that part of the time that I was writing the story, my money beliefs were causing doubt and ruining my good feeling.

As I was scripting my story, these type of thoughts played in my mind:

  • How are you going to make the car payments?
  • You can’t even move out of your apartment, how are you going to get such a nice car?
  • The car payments will be too high. You’ll have to get two jobs to keep it.

Can you understand now why my story failed? My negative thoughts were sabotaging the entire thing.

Even when I revisited my journal to read my story again, the same thoughts were lingering in my subconscious.

My focus on reality was causing me to have those thoughts as well. At the time, I felt as though it didn’t make sense to want a car like that when I was living in an apartment and not a house.

My belief was, you have to have a nice house to drive a luxury vehicle like that.

I’ve never made a whole lot of money from the jobs that I’ve had. Therefore, my thought process was that I’d have to work two jobs to afford the monthly payments.

I let reality get the best of me. Instead, I should have had fun with the story and let go of any attachment to it.

Chances are, the car could have become a part of my reality in a number of ways without all of the stress that I was applying to it with my money beliefs.

1. How I Would Script Today

I haven’t scripted since then but the topic came up again as I was browsing on YouTube. I began to think about that scripting experience, what went wrong, and what I would do today.

1. I’d Have More Fun with It

I would write solely for the good feeling of imagining what I wanted. The first time I scripted, it was a lot of fun. It felt good imagining that entire scene.

Today, I would write about my desire in detail and do it all for the purpose of feeling good. Each time I read my story, I would only focus on the awesome feelings it conjures up as I imagine what happens.

2. Write Scripts for Daily Things as Well as Future Desires

I think it is important to want to manifest things that you desire on a small scale as well as on a large scale.

For example, if you want to have a better relationship with someone, create a script about how well you are getting along.

Doing so will help you to manifest those important things that occur in your day-to-day life and help to strengthen your faith in the process.

3. Let It All Go

I understand that simply telling someone that they should “let go” when manifesting a desire sounds easy. However, it is one of the most challenging parts of manifesting at times.

Yet, if I were to script today, I’d write out my story and not care if it happens or not. It’s only a story. A made up one that I created just for fun.

Who cares if it happens or not? Reading it makes me feel good. That’s all that matters. That detachment, I feel is what will actually help the process along.

In Conclusion

Now that I’ve written this post, I am willing to give scripting another try. I still have a lot to work on in terms of my negative personal beliefs about money.

However, between this blog and my own personal journaling, I’m learning a lot more about why I believe those things.

Years ago when I first gave scripting a try, I wasn’t aware of those beliefs and how much resistance I had. I didn’t understand how to work through that resistance.

Have you tried scripting? What did you learn from it and did your desire manifest? Please share in the comments below.


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