How I Manifested The Love of My Life Using The Law of Attraction

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As a middle-aged adult, I have experienced various types of relationships. Some were short-lived and one lasted much longer than it should have.

I’m sure you can relate. One thing that is for certain is that finding a good relationship is top of the list for many people. However, it is one of the hardest things to get.

In this post, I’m going to explain the process that I used to finally receive the love of my life.

My spouse and I have been married going on four years now and I can attribute our meeting to my creating a simple list.

That’s right—I made a list of what I desired in my perfect person and it came to pass better than what I imagined.

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Online Dating, Nightclubs, and Horrible Fake Relationships

I won’t go into too much detail about my previous relationships except to point out how some of them helped me to manifest my spouse.

I’ll start from the end of a long relationship that I chose to end. The relationship was no longer fulfilling for either of us and although I didn’t end it in the best way, it ended all the same.

After some time, I felt ready to begin dating again. Little did I know how hard dating is.

Dating is a lot of work in itself. I chose to do online dating. Back then, there weren’t all of these dating apps that exist today.

It was primarily all online. I went on many dates and within the first 10 minutes, I’d know that there wouldn’t be another date.

This process went on for many months which included going out to clubs which is not an ideal place to meet anyone.

While doing all of the online dating and nightclub scenes, I did manage to maintain two horrible “fake” relationships.

I call them fake because that is exactly what they were. The people I was in these relationships with were not my ideal choice by any means.

Both people were using me in their own way. I was only hurting myself in the process.

It took a bit more time but I finally reached a point when I stopped forcing relationships and I was able to let go of wanting it so much.

One night while I was out at the club, I got a strong feeling that I no longer wanted to put myself out there.

No more club scene and no more contacting people on the dating sites. I walked out of the club, told myself that I was done, and drove home.

Adjusting My Dating Profiles

When it came to online dating websites, I was typically the one that reached out to people.

Now that I had reached this new point of essentially not caring anymore about meeting anyone, I chose to use two dating websites only.

I left my profiles active but I stopped browsing the websites and actively contacting people.

How Mike Dooley Inspired Me To Manifest The Love of My Life

If you are not familiar with Mike Dooley, he is a Law of Attraction guru if you will. He was in the movie The Secret and is a best-selling author.

Years ago, he would post Q&A type videos and one morning, I watched one in which he answered a question about manifesting a relationship.

Basically, he said something to the point of feeling the relationship already exists. He mentioned something about thinking about all of the things you would do with this person.

Where would you go? What would you do together?, etc.

I remember grabbing my journal and feeling inspired to make a list of what I wanted in my perfect match.

The list was specific but not so specific that I focused on outward appearance or anything like that.

I simply listed what I desired in someone. Things like:

  • Loves all types of food
  • Loves cats and children
  • Is my height or taller
  • Likes to read
  • Likes to cook

You get the idea. Then I typed out the list on my cell phone so that I could easily read it and edit it anytime I wanted.

I did make edits to the list often. Since I had those horrible fake relationships and learning from my previous long-term relationship, it helped me to understand what I didn’t want.

I would read my list whenever I felt like it and I’d feel happy that this person was already out there.

I’d imagine all of the places I would take this person to eat. Since I’m a foodie, I knew all of the restaurants we’d go to.

I’d make plans of the things we’d do together and get excited about sharing these experiences.

How the Love of My Life Manifested

Isn’t it funny how when something you’ve been manifesting happens it seems to have happened so quickly but it took a bit of time?

That’s what it felt like when my spouse came into my life. I had been struggling to meet someone for what felt like an eternity and then it happened in what felt like no time at all.

One morning before work, I noticed an alert from on my phone from one of the dating websites I was a member of.

I checked out the profile of my spouse and replied. We hit it off immediately through email.

We chatted on the phone for about a week before our first date. When we met, it felt so natural like we’d known each other for a long time.

To make a long story short, we were a perfect match and will be married going on four years as of this writing.

The Process of Making a List To Attract a Relationship

writing a list

Everyone manifests using different techniques. For some people, it is a matter of simply putting out your thought on the matter and letting it go.

For others, it takes a bit more work on their subconscious. I am one of those people so writing things out often helps.

Letting go of the desire for wanting a relationship is really what made my manifestation results speed up.

1. Make Your List and Feel Free To Edit It

The first thing I did was to make a list of what I desired in someone. Don’t feel that your list is set in stone.

Remember, the Universe will exceed your expectations. Although my spouse met all of the requirements on my list, I also couldn’t have imagined a better someone for me.

Edit your list as often as you like. You may realize that some things you’ve placed on your list are no longer important.

2. Let Go of the Desire of Wanting Someone

You really have to not care either way if someone comes into your life or not.

For myself, I had become fed up with dating and the club scene. I was tired of meeting people and already knowing that the chances of having chemistry were very low.

Besides that, I had manifested my cat back into my life (I’ll link to that story after I’ve written it) and it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Having him as my companion helped me not care so much about having a relationship. I kept busy with work and taking care of him, that it was easy to let go of the desire.

Usually, the easiest way to let go of your desire is by having faith in the process and keeping yourself busy.

3. Imagine What You Will Do with This Person

This is actually the most fun part and will get you in the flow the fastest.

I would think about all of the restaurants that we would go to. I got excited imagining myself talking about the best stuff to order.

I would also imagine going to some of my favorite places in the city. Imagining made me happy and excited.

Neville Goddard talks about imagining your desires. He talks about imagining the end result and feeling that it has already happened.

In Conclusion

That is all that I did to manifest my spouse. Each time that I write about something that I’ve manifested, the process was so simple.

Really, the hardest part is detaching. Without detaching, you create resistance and that is what makes it seem like it will never happen.

I still struggle with resistance today but it is something that I’m working on getting better at.

Hopefully my story has resonated with you and will help you to begin manifesting your best relationship.

Do you share a similar experience? Share yours in the comments below.


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