That Time I Manifested a BMW (Not My Own) + Manifesting Tips

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You’re probably thinking, “what do you mean you manifested a BMW that isn’t yours?”. Well, that’s exactly what I did but there is a backstory to it which I’ll explain.

It begins with the number “222”. I often see specific numbers occur on a regular basis such as “1111” and “222”. You can probably relate. Many people will see repeating numbers on an almost daily basis.

I’ve often viewed the number 222 as a good luck number. One day while driving in the car with my spouse, we were having a conversation about manifesting.

I decided that I wanted to manifest something super random so I said, “I want to manifest a white, two-door BMW with the number 222 in the license plate.”

We laughed about it but I set the intention and then just knew it would happen. I literally let it go after that. Honestly, I didn’t care if it manifested or not.

It was so totally random and really, what are the chances that a very specific car (a white, two-door BMW) would show up with the number “222” in its license plate?

manifested bmw pin

My Manifested BMW

Well, a little while later (I’m not exactly sure how long it took), my spouse and I were driving on the freeway again.

I don’t even remember who noticed it first. It may have been me because, at the time, a two-door white BMW was a car that I really liked.

Low and behold, we witness the below picture:

white bmw

We both started to laugh and scream at the same time. We simply couldn’t believe that what I had said actually came to pass.

It isn’t like the exact car I specified with the exact number in its license plate shows up all the time. It was a random intention and it manifested!

Here is another picture:

white bmw

When I think back to that manifestation, I take note of what I did in order for it to come into my reality.

Here is what I recall doing. I’m pretty sure these tips work every single time but I often forget how simple the manifesting process truly is.

1. I Stated My Intention

No matter how you get your intention out there, the key is to state it somehow. In my case, I said it out loud. However, there have been times that I’ve manifested in my head or by writing it down. After I said it out loud, I thought about it for a few more minutes.

I remember feeling confident that it was going to happen. I didn’t think about how or when. I felt that although it was super random, it was still an easy thing to manifest.

Overall, I felt like it would be a fun manifestation so my vibe was about having fun with it.

2. I Let It Go

This is a difficult thing for me to do even now. Let’s just say I am not the most patient person in the world. However, in this case, I wasn’t attached to the manifestation very much.

More than anything, I didn’t care if it was going to show up or not so it was extremely easy for me to let go. After I thought about it for the few minutes after making the statement, I moved on.

I don’t recall thinking about it again until I happened to notice the car on the freeway. The one thing about a manifestation happening is that it tends to happen as a nice surprise.

Everyone Manifests Differently and That’s OK

In the case of the BMW I manifested above, it was a simple two-step process. I said what I wanted, put a little feeling behind it, and let it go.

I didn’t have to keep dwelling on it and I didn’t have to make sure my vibration was constantly high in order for it to happen.

I’m sure it helped that I believed it was an easy thing to manifest. For many people that practice the Law of Attraction, smaller things are often very easy to manifest.

I manifested a tennis ball in two days because it was small, I didn’t care if it manifested, therefore it was easy to let go.

If you like to write your intentions down or perform a “letting go” ceremony in order to manifest, it all works. Everyone manifests differently.

The overall process is pretty much the same: ask the Universe for what you want, feel good about it, and then let it go. Whatever your process is to accomplish that is fine as long as it works for you.

Why are Larger Things More Difficult to Manifest?

If we can manifest small things easily, shouldn’t it be just as easy to manifest what we consider to be larger things? The logical answer is yes.

However, we both know that isn’t always the case. I have the darndest time manifesting certain things. When I ask myself why that is, it usually boils down to two reasons:

  • My personal beliefs on the subject
  • Trying to manifest under a time crunch

Those two reasons are the cause of major resistance when I am trying to manifest. I simply can’t let go easily on some topics.

For example, I struggle a lot with manifesting more money. I have come to the realization that I have some deeply embedded negative beliefs about money.

It isn’t easy for me to ask the Universe for an extra $1,000 dollars, feel good about it, and then let it go. My mind immediately thinks things like:

  • Where is it going to come from (the how part)
  • It can never happen because I’m so bad with money
  • I don’t deserve it

Besides that, I tend to want to manifest these larger things like money quickly. The added pressure of the time-crunch factor also adds to the resistance.

I’m still working on myself when it comes to manifesting in general. Although the Law of Attraction works whether we believe it or not, it has been quite some time since I’ve deliberately wanted to co-create.

Like anything you want to become good at, manifesting takes practice. I think I will continue to manifest the “easy” things and work myself up.

What are some cool and fun things that you’ve manifested? Leave them in the comments below. I’d love to read them. Happy manifesting!


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