How Can I Manifest My Soulmate?

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Finding love is difficult for almost everyone. If you are wondering, how can I manifest my soulmate, you’ll be happy to know that you absolutely can.

Searching for the love of your life is a challenge. If it were easy, no one would be single! Before I began practicing the Law of Attraction and purposely co-creating my life, I struggled to find my soulmate.

Once I was able to detach from wanting to find the love of my life, it felt as though it happened in no time at all. I will share exactly what I did, what I could’ve done better (and sooner), and how you can do the same.

Understanding What You Don’t Want

Before I met my spouse, I hadn’t been in many relationships. However, I had been in enough to know what I didn’t want to deal with in my next relationship.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but I feel that it is important to understand what you don’t want in a person as much as what you do.

When you take the time to discover what you do not want in your next relationship, it helps you to become more aware of how you value yourself.

If you do not value yourself, you will accept and tolerate things that you shouldn’t. Many times, a person with very little self-worth will accept abuse from the person that is supposed to love them.

After I ended the relationship I was in before meeting my spouse, I realized that I accepted and tolerated abuse. Abuse is not always physical.

I realized that I had low self-worth and didn’t recognize the value in myself. As I became more aware, I understood what was unacceptable in any relationship.

I used that understanding as my own personal alert system. As I met other people, I knew immediately that they were not the right fit for me.

How I Struggled To Meet Someone

Before I purposely began to attract my soulmate, I struggled in the relationship department. I was forcing it to happen by going to night clubs and actively contacting people on online dating websites.

Needless to say, everyone that I met was not my match. I wasted so much time meeting up with people for dates. I sat through many a dinner when I already knew after the first 10 minutes we were not a match.

I finally ended up in a very short-term relationship that made me completely miserable. Of course, looking back, I made so many mistakes.

Since I was forcing it to happen my way, I ended up meeting someone that I believed to be a good fit for me. We got along great in the beginning.

After a couple of months, all the crazy began to happen. We were constantly bickering and I felt angry all the time.

Doing it my way only led to chaos and misery.

Make a List of What You Desire in Your Soulmate

It may sound cliche to make a list of the qualities that you desire in your soulmate but it can work. It is exactly what I did in order to meet my spouse.

Initially, I wrote my list in a journal. Then I moved it over to notes on my cell phone. I wanted to have it digitally so that I could modify it easily.

Keep in mind that your list doesn’t have to be permanent. You can edit it as often as you like. I would put stuff on my list and later change it all the time.

My list had everything I desired on it from liking the same types of food to being a geek. I would read my list often and when I did, I would feel excited about my soulmate manifesting into my life.

I would daydream about the places we would go and the restaurants we would eat at. Most importantly, I didn’t care when or how I would meet this person.

I was already having a good time in the NOW imagining all the things we would do together. Detaching and feeling good were the keys to allowing The Source, God to bring my soulmate into my life.

Relax and Take Inspired Action

The thing to remember about manifesting is that it doesn’t require you to do anything but put your intent out there and believe that it will happen.

The Law of Attraction is always at work, 24/7. We manifest every single day whether we believe it or not.

Once you build your belief, detaching comes naturally. So relax! You do not have to force it. If you feel inspired to create profiles on dating websites and dating apps, then do so.

If you feel inspired to get out more and socialize with others, then do it. The Universe can bring your soulmate to you through infinite possibilities.

Your job is to believe and receive.

How Can I Manifest My Soulmate? – My Closing Thoughts

Manifesting your soulmate works in the same way that you manifest anything else. Sometimes we keep what we are manifesting from happening because we focus too much on not having what we desire.

You may think about being with your soulmate but subconsciously you’re really thinking about why it is taking so long. It is important to know if you have truly detached or if you are thinking about not having what you desire.

I highly recommend reading any of Neville Goddard’s books. He explains how to use your imagination to imagine the end result. He also explains how to feel as if what you desire has been fulfilled.

Feeling equals faith (belief). On that note, I will close out this post with a quote by Neville Goddard:

You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.

—Neville Goddard


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